What's it all about?

Designed with a lock mechanizm to prevent over-turning of the cap when placing it back on to the base. Easily adjust the airflow without even looking at it.

With this lock mechanizm, another feature it can be used is for attaching or detaching the atomizer from your mod.

Eliminate all needs for tools in case if your atomizer gets stuck to your mod from over-tightening.


Liquid Injection Filling System

Built with a gold plated deck with a revolutionary Liquid Injection Filling system designed by BomberTech.

It has a valve that will open when you insert the liquid, and will close automatically when you complete the filling process.

Compatible with unicorn bottles, needle tip feeders, standard PET bottle tips, even Chubby-Gorilla™ bottles!


510 Screw

Designed with a large 510 positive pin to prevent electricity shorts. Also built with less threads, for minimal turning when attaching the atomizer on to the mod.